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Text Message Marketing & SMS White Label Reseller Program
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SMS-marketing has taken North America by storm and is here to stay. In the 12 month period ending June 2011, over 2 Trillion text messages were sent in the US alone. People have embraced text messaging with their phones and have become familiar with sms services such as television voting, polls, and other content services. This development has created new opportunities. Although it has been proven that opt-in sms marketing works, the text message advertising market in North America is still in its infancy. Now is the right time to jump in and establish an almost unlimited source of substantial long term income.

What makes our service even more exciting is that it can be applied to almost any business model. Each of the businesses in the partial list below could use our service to increase sales, product awareness, and customer satisfaction:

All Stores (Grocery, Department, Shoe, Clothing, etc.)
Restaurants (all types)
Bakeries/Coffee Shops
Bars/Night Clubs
Health/Sports Clubs
Video Rental Stores
Car/Motorcycle/Boat Dealerships
Recreational/Social Organizations (Scouting, Rotary, Youth, Alumni, etc.)
Media Stations (Television, Radio, etc.)
And Many More!

All mobile phone campaigns in the USA and Canada must be 100% opt-in (permission-based) and operate using a short code. We have muliple short codes. This means we have been registered and approved by all major cell phone carriers in the USA and Canada. This makes it very easy for people to participate. Our system is fully automated and easy to use.

Why Should You Promote Promo2cell?

Promo2cell is a genuine service that can generate lucrative results for those in searc of a true business opportunity.

You can earn a 25% commission for every sale that you refer to us. That equates to as much as $123.75 for every single sale.

Our refund rate is extremely low.

There is no cost to join our affiliate program, and it's managed by a Clickbank, a reputable 3rd party payment solution provider.

Banners and other marketing materials are provided for your use.

We will help you succeed any way possible and are available to answer any questions that you may have. Email us any time 7 days per week and your question will be answered within 8 business hours.

How To Start Promoting Promo2cell

To promote Promo2cell and earn 25% commission as an affiliate, you'll need to have a Clickbank affiliate account. If you don't have a Clickbank ID, you can get one here. It's free to join and takes just a couple of minutes to register.

Our product Clickbank ID: PROMO2CELL


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